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Exabeam Signs Respect in Security Pledge

October 27, 2021


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There is no place for harassment and fear in cybersecurity workplaces or inside our community.

In October 2021, Exabeam signed the Respect in Security Pledge. As a member of the cybersecurity industry and community, we are committed to the prevention of all forms of harassment within our own company and within the industry at large. 

We pledge our support for a workplace and community free from harassment and fear. 

We are encouraged by the founding of the Respect in Security organization. Founded by a group of cybersecurity professionals with diverse backgrounds, the organization is taking a stand against all forms of harassment within the cybersecurity industry.

A Respect in Security poll of cybersecurity industry professionals across multiple genders, age groups, organization sizes and levels of seniority revealed that 1/3 of respondents have had personal experience of harassment online.  We recognize that experiences can happen offline too. 

Eighty two percent of those polled said their organization has an anti-harassment policy and complaints procedure, nearly half (45%) argued that their employer should do more to ensure all employees understand what constitutes harassment and what acceptable behavior looks like. A further 40% said organizations need to improve the transparency of processes to show that any cases of harassment are acknowledged and investigated promptly.

We at Exabeam are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels safe and supported. This is why we have signed the Respect in Security pledge.

Here is our Respect in Security Pledge:

  • We will work to eliminate harassment, to include all employees, partners, customers, and interactions. Any form of harassment, even when not unlawful or directed at a protected category, will not be tolerated.
  • We will not tolerate, condone, or ignore any form of harassment no matter where it occurs, or the personnel involved.
  • We will ensure that staff members are not asked to operate in unsafe organizational or social environments.
  • We will empower employees, contractors and third parties to come forwardwith reports without fear of retaliation, and to immediately and respectfully respond without prejudice. We recognize that those reporting harassment are not in any way disloyal to the company or the community, and that everyone deserves to work in a positive environment.
  • We will protect the anonymity of those reporting suspected violations to the greatest extent reasonably possible.
  • We will regularly educate employees and contractors what constitutes harassment and why it’s never acceptable, while continually maintaining and actively reviewing our policy and reporting mechanisms.
  • We will regularly discuss reporting protocol with our employees and ensure that we make a public version of this protocol publicly available for external reference and use.

Chief Marketing Officer Sherry Lowe at Exabeam officially signed the Respect in Security Pledge on October 7, 2021. 

“We at Exabeam were happy to learn about Respect in Security and proud to sign this pledge — there is no place for harassment and fear inside Exabeam, the cybersecurity industry or any institution anywhere, frankly. It is a shame the hours of adult and children’s time and energy that is annually wasted having to deal with harassment, bullying and other extremely negative and dangerous behaviors. If you are a victim of harassment anywhere, know that you are not alone and Respect in Security is a starting resource for you. If you are the antagonist of harassing behavior and becoming conscious of how your behavior deeply impacts yourself and others for the worse, Respect in Security and thousands of support people and groups are also there for you. May we all learn to lead with kindness.” 

After recently experiencing online bullying, Lowe shared her story in honor of National Bullying Awareness month. You can read the story here. You can also find out more about the pledge and commit as a corporate partner here: https://respectinsecurity.org/

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