Companies are increasingly relying on the cloud to conduct their day-to-day business: accessing corporate resources; sharing files; hosting virtual meetings, and more. Today’s security leaders are being forced to rapidly adapt to the cloud security challenges and gaps in visibility presented by increasingly remote environments, while they must also consider how these changes play into their longer-term security strategies. This means tackling threats such as, malicious insiders attempting to exfiltrate sensitive company data, external actors looking to compromise employee credentials, and accidental insiders who may be failing to adjust to remote work—all without the on-premises security controls they relied on in the past.

Join Exabeam and Cisco for our webcast, as we:

    • Explore insider threat and the risks that organizations face with a mobile workforce
    • Define the different types of insiders and the new attack vectors for bad actors
    • Demonstrate best practices for detecting, investigating, and responding to compromised and malicious accounts
    • Understand How Exabeam and Cisco Umbrella provide a cloud-first solution to insider threat

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