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Watch presentations from Exabeam experts, see live demos, hear from customers, and experience a fireside chat with Google Cloud Global General Manager, AI Go to Market, Brian Goldstein — available on demand.


Raise Your Security Game

Security is fast-moving and the stakes are high. You must raise your game to beat the adversaries. Attacks are sophisticated and hard-to-detect, legacy SIEM is limited, and security teams are overwhelmed with data, unable to see a complete picture of a threat. Until now.

Watch the Livestream Highlights

Spotlight23: Exabeam, AI, and the Future of Security Operations

Adam Geller | Exabeam Chief Executive Officer

In this 20-minute session, learn how the SIEM industry has not kept up with the changing cyber climate of today as Exabeam shares its vision for New-Scale SIEMTM to advance security operations. See innovation highlights from the past year and what the future holds.

Andy Skrei | Exabeam VP Product Management
Warby Warburton | Exabeam Sr. Director Product Management 

In this 40-minute overview, learn about a modern security operations platform from a persona point of view through live demos and how Exabeam delivers them with New-Scale SIEM. 

Steve Moore | Exabeam Chief Security Strategist
Michael Meis | Associate CISO, University of Kansas Health System
Jonathan Kennedy | CISO, InComm Payments

In this 20-minute session, hear from Exabeam customers as they discuss their customer success journey and the value they receive from Exabeam solutions to simplify and accelerate threat detection, investigation and response in their environments.

Spotlight23: Evolution of Cybersecurity, Advanced Threats, and How AI is Changing the Game

Adam Geller | Exabeam Chief Executive Officer 
Brian Goldstein | Google Cloud Global General Manager, AI Go to Market

In this fireside chat, Brian Goldstein shares his insights on how he’s seen AI evolve within cybersecurity, the complexity of risk, and where security teams need to get hyper focused. 

Spotlight23: Lessons in Leadership With Chris Mullin

Sherry Lowe | Exabeam Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Mullin | Former NBA Golden State Warriors basketball player

Former sports broadcaster, Sherry Lowe, interviews Chris Mullin on leadership, teamwork, and high performance. Hear about his approach to achievement and key pillars of success.

Spotlight23: Exabeam Cybersecurity Warriors Awards

Chris Cesio | Exabeam Chief Revenue Officer

The Exabeam Cybersecurity Warrior Awards recognize top Exabeam customers that distinguish themselves through leadership and innovation in cybersecurity. Join this session and see who takes home the coveted awards!

Join the Breakout Sessions

Spotlight23: Operationalize an Effective TDIR Workflow

Cynthia Gonzalez | Senior Product Marketing Manager
Josh Johnston | Principal Sales Engineer

Finding the right balance of automation and human analysis can be difficult, but it’s necessary to build effective threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) workflows. Join this session to learn how you can use Exabeam pre-built content along with API integrations to operationalize TDIR and SOAR processes to make your analysts more effective in detecting, investigating, and responding to threats.

Spotlight23 Breakout: Tools to Measure the Success of Your SOC

Kevin Binder | Senior Product Marketing Manager
Andrew Donahoe | Senior Sales Engineer

It can be challenging to articulate security maturity, so how can you effectively communicate progress or success of your security program? Join this session to understand how together CISOs and security operations teams can use Exabeam Outcomes Navigator, integrations, and Dashboards to demonstrate continued growth and success of your security program to the C-suite and the board.

Spotlight23: Automate and Accelerate TDIR

Jeannie Warner | Director of Product Marketing
Randeep Gill | Principal Security Strategist

Security teams play a key role in reducing business risk and exposure to threats, and you don’t have the luxury of spending time on manual logging, querying, investigations, and response. Join this session to learn how to automate your threat detection, investigation, and response workflows with Exabeam for faster discovery and remediation of security risks.

Hear From Our Customers

Learn how security teams at Port of Antwerp-Bruges, r-tec, and others are using Exabeam for advanced threat detection, investigation and response.

Increasing Efficiency While Reducing Security Risks for Europe’s Second Largest Port

Yannick Herrebaut | Cyber Resilience Manager and CISO | Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Hear how Exabeam’s automation and machine learning models helped Port of Antwerp-Bruges cut through alert noise, eliminate manual processes, and centralize information, which ultimately allowed their small but strong security team to achieve maximum efficiency.

r-tec Selects the Exabeam Security Operations Platform to Support Their SOC, MDR, and Incident Response Services

Sebastian Bittig | Head of the Cyber ​​Defense Center | r-tec

Hear how Exabeam supported the leading global SOC service provider with advanced cloud-native SIEM technology to increase visibility, streamline detection and response, reduce alerts, and catch compromised credentials.

Voice of the SOC

Listen as security operations team members from Allegiant Airlines, Chevron Federal Credit Union, Keysight, Universal Logistics Holdings, and SA Power Networks share how Exabeam has helped them raise their security game.

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Spotlight23 Highlights in Review

The theme of the day was “Raise Your Security Game.” In addition to exciting fireside chats, live demos, and customer panels, Exabeam innovation took center stage. With more than 400 features and enhancements introduced in the past 12 months, Exabeam continues to offer the leading AI-driven security operations platform. It has been handling an average daily ingestion of more than 200 terabytes (TB) and has executed 54 million correlation searches since its launch​.