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Exabeam Test Drive

The Exabeam Test Drive lets you experience all of the features of the Exabeam Security Management Platform without installing any hardware or software.

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A Living Sandbox

The Exabeam Test Drive is not just some stale demo site for you to click around. Your experience comes pre-populated with data that updates as you interact with the product. Experience Exabeam as you work through common use cases that span across all Exabeam products:

  • Data Lake
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Incident Responder

No Manual Required

Step-by-step walkthroughs via on-screen tips and explanations let you get started right away. No training or manual reading required.

At first glance, you are greeted with a welcoming introductory walkthrough of the product. As you use the product, there will be helpful tips and guides that will help you along your investigation.

Target Missions

More goal-oriented than tinkerer? Missions allow you to dive deep into a “day in a life” across the security intelligence platform. Missions may include learning how to create searches and visualizations on Data Lake, adding a new log feed in Advanced Analytics, or automating a response workflow in Incident Responder.

Included missions:
Adding a New Log Feed, Adding a New Rule, Time Based Modeling, Host to IP Mapping, How to Create a Table, How to Create a Playbook, How To Save a Search, How To Create A Visualization, How to Create a Dashboard, Create a New Report

Simulated SOC Experience

Exabeam’s Test Drive is a live environment with data from all different sources pouring in from users and devices activity. This allows us to provide an environment that is true to a real life corporate environment which has different behaviors for different roles or users, alerts triggering from different security devices and more. As a result, the environment allows a SOC Analyst to practice their day to day process as if the products are installed in their own environment and measure the effectiveness of the different tools provided.

Exabeam Test Drive is hosted in the cloud, so no hardware or software.

A private environment that’s all yours during the period of your trial.

Plenty of time to look around during your 14-day trial.

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