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What’s New in Exabeam Product Development – June 2022

July 11, 2022


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June went fast with some exciting new updates, and it’s time to catch up on all the activity and innovation from the Exabeam Engineering, UI, and Product Management departments. Our teams have been upgrading and rolling out new products and improvements. Here’s a short summary of the latest cool new updates we rolled out last month:


We’re very excited to introduce the new Search functionality for Cloud Archive. The new experience resolves queries faster, improves export, brings in data translation to Common Information Model (CIM) 2.0, and introduces Log Stream (formerly Parser Management).

Details of each:

  • Search A cloud-native application that provides a centralized, integrated experience for multi-year log data search, analyzes and exports logs and events. It is integrated with multiple applications and components like UIP, Log Stream, new CIM etc., to ensure logs are ready for use as soon as they pass through your data processing pipeline. 
  • Log StreamA cloud-native application that provides a centralized, integrated, end-to-end management and visibility into improved and simplified cybersecurity data ingestion process.
  • CIM 2.0 Reimagines how the fields from the logs should be mapped to improve the detection capabilities and removes the problems that had crept in the previous CIM. It integrates with all the Exabeam products to provide a common language to all products allowing customers to have a seamless experience.

All new customers will discover this experience as they come aboard. Existing customers are in the midst of updates and migrations over the summer. 

Turnkey playbooks for all Fusion customers

Use cases remain some of the best ways to quickly speed incident response times. Exabeam introduced Turnkey Playbooks as a path towards helping security teams get faster time to value from our SOAR solution. Turnkey Playbooks provide prepackaged services without requiring any configuration or investment in additional third-party products.  

When initially introduced, Turnkey Playbooks were only available for Fusion customers with an Incident Responder license. Now, all new Fusion customers will automatically have access to this feature. Existing Fusion customers (Fusion XDR Core, Fusion XDR Enterprise, Fusion SIEM Core, and Fusion SIEM Enterprise) without an Incident Responder add-on SKU will also have access. This transition will take place as customers upgrade to DL i40.4 (see below) and AA i62.2. 

Education Updates

New eLearning courses are on their way! Check out the latest courses in the Exabeam Training Center to learn more about the improvements coming to the Exabeam Security Operations Platform. This month we are releasing several courses, including: 

  • Get to Know CIM 2.0
  • Introducing Exabeam Search
  • Fundamentals of Log Stream

DL i40.4

Previous to DL-i40 customer expressed an interest to a CSV export of more than 500 lines. DL -i40.4 was reconstructed to ensure customers the flexibility and visibilty they needed. Scheduled reports can now be exported as a CSV with all the search results, and will support up to 10,000 line entries.  
Many additional product issues were updated. For more information please review the release notes

Stay tuned and watch this space! We have an exciting set of July upgrades and improvements we’re looking forward to sharing with you!

Learn more about these product updates

Visit the Exabeam Community for webinars and announcements.

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