SIEM software is built on extensible and scalable architecture that supports threat detection, analytics, and incident response by collecting and correlating security events from a variety of data sources.

Through the use of Next-Gen SIEM technology, security professionals can develop operational processes to deal with modern security challenges.

For a quick intro to SIEM, view the What is SIEM? chapter of our Guide to SIEM.

To learn more about the leaders in the SIEM space, download the Gartner Magic Quadrant SIEM Report.

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Add Intelligence to Elastic’s SIEM with Exabeam

Improve threat detection, enhance your ability to investigate, reduce incident response times and upgrade your cloud security Security leaders are tasked with building world-class security programs capable of defending against both today’s threats and tomorrow’s attacks — all on a fixed budget.   Elastic’s SIEM (Elastic Security) offers powerful data centralization capabilities. It is built on… Read more »

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