Exabeam SaaS Cloud Solutions Available to Global Locations

Exabeam SaaS Cloud Solutions Available Globally

September 05, 2019


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As a self-proclaimed “nephophile” (a lover of clouds) authoring this post from my front room in a tiny island across the sea from the US, I’m thrilled to be announcing that today we are expanding the availability of our SaaS Cloud solutions to global locations. This is another step in Exabeam’s journey of supporting cloud-first organizations across the globe, which has significantly accelerated during 2019. Here’s what we’ve been up to….

2019 — Exabeam’s year of the cloud

Back in February we announced our first hosted cloud SIEM, now known as SaaS Cloud Enterprise, catering to organizations with over 2,500 users. SaaS Cloud Enterprise comes in a number of bundles, providing both full SIEM or security managed platform options, plus an advanced analytics option for organizations looking to modernize security operations by augmenting their current SIEM.

In July we welcomed the talented SkyFormation team to the Exabeam family, by way of our inaugural acquisition, bringing our previous Cloud Connectors OEM relationship in house. Already extremely popular with our enterprise customers, Cloud Connectors give organizations the ability to reliably collect data from over 30 cloud-based services, such as AWS, GitHub, Google, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and many other cloud security, identity and access management, infrastructure and business applications.

Only a mere two weeks later, we launched SaaS Cloud Essential, aimed at organizations under 2500 users who want the power of an enterprise-grade modern SIEM without the hassle of maintaining infrastructure or worrying about product upgrades or availability.

Compliance, regulation, policy, or all of the above?

Exabeam’s SaaS Cloud offerings were initially only available as hosted in the US, which suited some global organizations, but for those faced with stricter compliance or regulatory data residency policies, it wasn’t a perfect fit for their requirements. We’ve received a lot of requests from our partners and prospects across the globe as to when we would make these solutions available in their regions. Originally we were targeting Q4 2019, but the engineering teams worked some magic to bring the date forward in response to the requests from the field.

So whether your organization is required to keep data stored within country or region, or chooses to do so as a data protection best practice, your security operations team can now benefit from Exabeam’s Cloud SaaS solutions to detect, investigate and respond to cyberattacks 51 percent faster.

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