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Helping Interact Software Simplify Case Management While Increasing Visibility and Efficiency

August 30, 2022


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As a provider of enterprise-grade intranets and operating on three continents, Interact Software counts Levi Strauss & Company, Domino’s Pizza, and British Red Cross among its global clients. Over the past ten years, it has transformed clients’ internal communications, promoting more productive business environments.

In this post, you’ll learn about the other challenges Interact Software faced, as well as how it overcame them with a technology partner it could rely on.

The challenge

As an outgrowth of its intranet product, Interact can help strengthen a client’s partner relationships with a branded business extranet. Its unified publishing experience can reach multiple, diverse audiences. But like the greater internet, this poses unique data security challenges.

ScienceDirect says, “An intranet is basically a web application exposed to a hostile environment in the same way as the corporate website is, and therefore is vulnerable to the same scope of threats.…that it is intended for employees and trusted parties does not guarantee against hacker attacks, viruses, and spam. Failing to introduce a dedicated intranet security policy entails a range of risks associated with sensitive information leakage and data loss.”

The purpose of an extranet is “to provide a cost-effective network transport infrastructure for B2B partners and related clients that is reliable and manageable,” says CSO. “Security requirements for B2B applications vary drastically.…IT executives should always take into account the entire B2B communication path, from the end-user device to the business application, before selecting appropriate security measures.”

Interact’s security team had become supremely frustrated working with its existing cybersecurity solutions. Something that should only take a few clicks was a 15 to 20 step process. Having to increasingly support the backend of those products, its analysts needed their time freed up to focus on projects having a greater impact.

Analysts still had to rely on yesterday’s methods of tracking security events — Interact’s traditional solutions did not offer any form of integrated case management system. The SOC team was forced to survey multiple data sources across several user interfaces — an inefficient, time-consuming process. Moreover, the company’s SIEM didn’t scale and lacked flexibility in relation to integration with other systems.

Searching for the best security solution

Shawn Kay is a cybersecurity analyst working out of Manchester, England. He’s responsible for protecting data confidentiality, integrity, and availability within Interact’s cloud environment. His team implements secure infrastructure and analyzes network events for potential security flaws and/or incidents.

In looking for a cybersecurity solutions partner, Kay’s team first compiled a list of desirable features. They were aware of some possible solutions, but those carried an exorbitant cost associated with them. They were also looking for a solutions provider with which Interact Software could partner.

Why Exabeam?

Having a good idea of what they were looking for in relation to capabilities, flexibility, and affordability, Kay and his team examined the Gartner Magic Quadrant. There, they discovered that Exabeam provides everything they were looking for with respect to infrastructure management, ability to scale and integrate, and visibility across environments.

With Exabeam, “We’ve got visibility of everything happening across the network. Such visibility instills confidence,” says Kay. His team no longer has to invest their time dealing with administrative matters and managing the infrastructure. They’re now able to attend to activities of greater importance to the company and its clients. Case consolidation and being able to assess events from a single pane of glass eliminates their former time-consuming, swivel chair methodology. To Kay and his management, Exabeam has delivered far more than what they initially expected.

Read the Interact Software case study.

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