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Exabeam as a Service?

February 03, 2016


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As an independent software vendor, Exabeam is focused on building the best security intelligence platform in the world. Whether a customer buys a physical or virtual appliance from us, we are completely focused on building and delivering the best product for understanding user behavior and detecting and responding to threats. However, some organizations are looking for a broader solution for their security operations centers (SOCs), and they ask if Exabeam can be purchased as a managed service.

While we do not offer a managed service option directly, several of our partners do. These firms are very focused on offering SOC services, and they see UBA, and Exabeam in particular, as a key component of those SOC services. A great example is our partner GuidePoint’s vSOC offering. vSOC can augment or replace an in-house SOC, and Exabeam is happy to provide the UBA piece of the vSOC services. You can read more about it here, and GuidePoint will be demoing vSOC and UBA at RSA. To schedule a vSOC demo, reserve a spot here.

See you at the RSA Conference in a few weeks!


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