SIEM Augmentation

Add intelligence to your existing security tools with analytics and automation.

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Quickly Detect Compromised and Malicious Insiders

Traditional security tools don’t detect credential-based attacks. As a result, credentials have been the top threat vector for the past 10 years. Exabeam changes that. Exabeam provides continuous, real-time mapping of logs to correctly attribute all activity and behavior to users and devices. This attribution, combined with data enhancement and additional context provide visibility into abnormal behavior and risky activity without generating a deluge of false positives.


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Automate Manual and Repetitive Tasks to Improve Efficiency

Traditional vendors are starting to automate incident response. But detection, triage and investigation remain manual, despite taking up 74% of analysts’ time. Exabeam provides automation to help security teams at every phase of their workflow.


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Extend your SIEM with Out-of-the-Box Use Case Coverage

Exabeam use case coverage helps organizations solve specific problems by providing visibility, detection logic and response procedures out-of-the-box. Organizations can deploy complete coverage for 3 categories of threats including compromised users, malicious users and external threats such as phishing, malware, and ransomware. Exabeam provides clear guidance on the data sources that you need and combines use case content with technology at each stage of your workflow, from detection through response, to ensure end-to-end coverage.


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“We collect eight to 12 billion events per day. With Exabeam, almost overnight, we gained an immense operational efficiency."

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