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Case Manager

Organize and track investigations in a single system.

Learn how Case Manager organizes and streamlines analyst workflows.

A central system of record for investigations and incident response

Managing security incidents can be chaotic. With teams using post-its or spreadsheets, incidents may slip through the cracks. Case Manager centralizes evidence for security incidents and tracks investigation efforts in a single system.

Case Management - system of record

Guided incident checklists

Differences in skill and experience mean analysts will approach the same incident differently. With checklists, teams create step-by-step instructions that standardize workflows and improve overall response to deliver repeatable outcomes.

A ticketing system designed for security

SOC teams often share ticketing systems with IT and support teams, systems built for IT and helpdesk workflows. Exabeam holds and displays security-specific details, enabling teams to effectively analyze and respond to an incident.

Integrated case management to streamline workflows

Analysts, copy and paste information repeatedly, scattering case details across security management tools. Exabeam embeds case evidence from detection, investigation, and response into an incident, reducing mean time to respond.

Embedded communications make it easier

Move away from manual Case Management with native messaging, email, and IT ticketing integrations that enable analysts to communicate – all with without leaving Exabeam.

The Exabeam Resource Library

Learn more about the Exabeam platform and information security with our collection of white papers, podcasts, webinars and more.

Tired of using manual processes to support case management?

More than 80% of reported breaches used a combination of lost or stolen credentials and brute force attacks*, how can a legacy SIEM keep pace?

Whether it’s a SIEM replacement, or a legacy SIEM modernization with XDR, Exabeam Fusion offers advanced, modular, and cloud-delivered TDIR.

Learn how Exabeam:

  • Baselines normal activity
  • Increases analyst productivity
  • Delivers the next right decision

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Source: *Verizon 2020 BDR