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Episode 26: The State of the SOC in 2020

On this special edition of The New CISO, returning guest Brian Haugli, vCISO, and founder of SideChannel Security joins Steve to give his perspective on the Exabeam 2020 State of the SOC report. Brian and Steve touch on some of the report’s key themes, like attracting AND holding onto talent, technology adoption, and how some teams might be slightly overconfident in their abilities to detect certain threats.

Implementing technology that streamlines your SOC activities

One of a security operations center’s biggest time-sinks is performing tasks that can easily be automated, with the right technology. One of the things Steve and Brian talk about is “tech-enabling” your team so they don’t get weighed down by mundane tasks that may well drive them away or create inefficiencies. It’s imperative to update your tech to reduce stress on your team for smaller tasks so that they can better focus their efforts on the more challenging and more important ones.

This special edition also tackles:

  • American vs. European views on cybersecurity insurance
  • Who leads in what areas of the SOC – defining responsibilities
  • Overconfidence in detecting advanced threats among some teams
  • How larger SOC teams measure success vs smaller teams
  • The lack of a defined career path contributing to churn
  • Friction between security and IT in some organizations

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More about Brian Haugli

Brian Haugli is a partner at SideChannel Security, a consulting firm in the Boston area. Previously VP and chief security officer for The Hanover Insurance Group, he’s a seasoned security leader who’s held numerous roles within the federal government responsible for strategic initiatives involving cybersecurity and information risk management.