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Episode 21: How Emotional Intelligence Fortifies Capability in the Midst of a Crisis

On our one year anniversary episode, Steve sits down with The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. SVP & CISO, Kirsten Davies. They discuss the CISO’s role in managing risk AND reputation throughout the incident response process; and how empathy and the ability to build relationships come into play in the midst of a crisis.

How has the ability to build relationships, communicate outside your department, and do so with empathy changed the role of the CISO? Or rather, how do these skills bolster our capabilities when we’re managing a crisis?

Building a relationship with other teams in the organization

The sooner these relationships can be built, the better. Meeting top executives and other team leads during a crisis is less than ideal. Get to know the people that are closer to the consumer, the writers, the social media managers, the sooner this relationship is established the better the partnership is when you need to come together in a crisis. Building those relationships now build trust within the company as a whole.

Listen as Kirsten also talks about:

  • Where you start as CISO at a new company
  • Generating a safe environment before a problem arises
  • Early career advice from someone who go their start outside of cybersecurity
  • Empathy and care in the workplace

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More About Kirsten Davies

Kirsten Davies is the SVP & CISO for the Estee Lauder Group. Prior to this, she served as Group CSO for Barclays Africa/ABSA, VP and Deputy CISO, and VP of Enterprise Security Strategy at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and as CISO for Global InfoSec Strategy and Governance at Siemens, Germany. Davies holds a degree in International Politics & Government from University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, and studied International Law at Johns Hopkins University.