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Episode 19: No as a Service: Why Security Can Stifle Innovation and How to Prevent It

How do you bridge the chasm between the board and the SOC team, between the non-technical and the experts in the field? More importantly perhaps, how do you do that AND protect innovation? Amedisys CISO Richard Kaufmann and can help.

As a new CISO it’s already a challenge connecting with your ELT and board, so how do you manage that when one foot must still firmly be planted in your SOC team’s day to day work? Does this situation present a unique benefit to the organization and how can you maintain that innovative edge so often challenged by cybersecurity policies.

What is lacking in the cybersecurity industry?

The major points that come to mind when thinking of security might be something like, integrity, confidentiality, availability of data, and protection. But as much as we need to protect we also need to share, the future of healthcare is being able to safely exchange information, and if it is locked away nothing can be exchanged. To be able to put yourself in a caretaker’s mindset and be able to see what a user’s experience might be like can be pivotal to how you build your security team and program.

Listen as Richard also shares his advice on:

  • Focusing on what’s important to the people you’re working to protect
  • How to design security solutions for real cyber threats

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More About Richard Kaufmann

Richard Kaufmann is the CISO for Amedisys, one of the United States’ largest hospice organizations, where he lives out his passion for transforming cybersecurity in the healthcare industry. Richard has led information security teams across finance, healthcare, and manufacturing organizations, including BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana and GE Capital.