KYTL - Exabeam

KYTL + Exabeam

KYTL Security is a young and dynamic cybersecurity services provider founded in 2017. With a PhD in network security and over 15 years of experience in SOC operations, KYTL’s founder hand-picked an experienced cybersecurity consultants team delivering high standards cybersecurity services to major accounts in the private sector (banking, insurance, distribution, retail, and telecommunications) and the public sector (utilities). KYTL Security supports their customers in the transformation and the modernisation of their SOC operations through innovative technologies with the objective to deliver increased efficiencies, costs optimisation and enhanced cybersecurity posture. They also aspire to grow their qualified PDIS evaluators among the SOC expertise team. KYTL security provides the following services:

  • Certification and audit
  • Cybersecurity consulting (SIEM, IAM, Encryption, …) 
  • Managed SOC Services
  • Cybersecurity Integration services