Cyberseer - Exabeam

Cyberseer + Exabeam

Cyberseer delivers a 24 x 7 managed threat detection service underpinned by Exabeam behavioural analytics technologies. Exabeam tooling is natively integrated with Cyberseer’s automated monitoring platform which, when combined translate a sea of high-volume, low-value logs and alerts into a low volume of high-value accurate alerts. This design introduces both machine and human intelligence into the process prior to any communication with the customer, increasing accuracy whilst reducing both false positives and time to discovery. Our level 3 forensic analysts manage all alerts, communicating directly with customers and authoring all threat reports.

The service encompasses real-time identification and alerting of anomalous and potentially malicious activity minimising the risk of customers suffering the consequences of a damaging cyber breach. Each solution designed and deployed by Cyberseer is aligned to customers’ risks and can adapt to address the continually evolving threat landscape. The service also provides Management Information (MI) output for customers.

The service is summarised by three core components:

  • Machine learning, behavioural analytics technologies
  • Cyberseers automated monitoring platform
  • Human expertise