Exabeam Unveils Winners of Security Management Excellence Awards at Spotlight20 - Exabeam

Exabeam Unveils Winners of Security Management Excellence Awards at Spotlight20

November 12, 2020

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United Airlines, Woodforest National Bank, Maxar Technologies, General Motors and Swedbank recognized for their innovative use of the Exabeam Security Management Platform at annual user conference

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Nov. 12, 2020Exabeam, the security analytics and automation company, today announced the winners of the second annual Security Management Excellence Awards during its user conference, Spotlight20. United Airlines, Woodforest National Bank, Maxar Technologies, General Motors and Swedbank were recognized for their extraordinary work using the Exabeam Security Management Platform (SMP) to harness the cloud, modernize their security operations, add additional value to their organizations and implement automation. 

Winners were chosen in the below categories for demonstrating the following: 

SIEM Modernizer: This organization has led the charge on modernizing its security operations by connecting powerful new technologies like UEBA and SOAR to existing capabilities. 

Winner: Woodforest National Bank has championed its vision of maximizing what the cloud offers in regards to security with Exabeam’s SaaS-based SIEM. The cloud-first approach has made the team more efficient, so it can focus on strategic security initiatives that will continue to mature the enterprise’s cybersecurity program. 

Cloud Navigator: An innovator that harnessed the true potential of the cloud, this business combined top-notch security with highly accessible services in an agile environment. 

Winner: Maxar Technologies was able to gain improved visibility across its environment, greatly decreasing risk using Exabeam’s SaaS offering. Before choosing Exabeam.

Insider Threat Decoder: This company was able to leverage innovative programs to detect and manage insider threats. 

Winner: General Motors uses Exabeam to monitor every user within the organization through behavior modeling and machine learning, in order to be more proactive in identifying rogue employees trying to exfiltrate data from within the organization. Analysts have been able to easily identify any malicious activity in seconds.  

SOC Automator: Security experts that consistently push the limits of automating their security operations by augmenting their teams, greatly reducing the burden on security analysts. 

Winner: Swedbank has been able to leverage Exabeam to ultimately support triage and investigation in a manner that boosts their efficiency. The company has been able to accurately identify users within an environment where that user might have multiple identities. 

This year Exabeam added a fifth category to celebrate organizations who used the Exabeam SMP in a creative manner.

Most Impactful or Innovative Use Case: This organization leverages the Exabeam SMP beyond the scope of its initial proof of concept, adding value across the entire business.

Winner: United Airlines used the Exabeam SMP in order to keep an eye on an environment that includes activities around social media messaging for certain competitive announcements, financial planning from a customer point of view, and a lot of other activities that took place outside of the operations and engineering environments. Partnering with Exabeam enabled the organization to learn how people are working, in what is not always a defined, structured process. 

“In 2020, enterprises have faced countless security challenges due to the remote work shift and organizational pressures of the pandemic. In the face of adversity, however, many of our customers have shown not only strength but technical innovation. I would like to congratulate the winners of the Security Management Excellence Awards. They have been able to continuously thrive and identify unique security management use cases, and Exabeam is pleased to recognize them for both their creativity and cybersecurity expertise,” Nir Polak, CEO, Exabeam. “We hope that other companies can look to them for inspiration on how to make the most out of the Exabeam SMP and look forward to our continued partnerships with these companies and our future customers.” 

For more information about Exabeam’s full portfolio, please visit: https://www.exabeam.com/product/

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