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Forever 21 is the latest company to have its point-of-sale terminals hacked

Fast-fashion chain Forever 21 Inc. is the latest victim of hacking.

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Jewson data breach: Hackers may have stolen over 1,600 customers’ personal and credit card data

British building merchant Jewson has confirmed that it was hit by hackers. The firm reportedly alerted customers via a letter, informing them that their private and financial data may have been stolen by hackers. Jewson said that the breach occurred after hackers managed to compromise its website.

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Devs Can Increase Their Value by Embracing Security

Are you building something that can be managed centrally? Read to see why one industry leader says this is crucial now more than ever.

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Rise of the Machines: Boosting online security with machine learning

Security has always been paramount in the banking and finance industry, but these days the most potent threats aren’t the kind that come through the bank’s front door wearing a mask, they are the virtual ones hiding on the IT network or buried inside fraudulent emails.

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8 steps to take within 48 hours of a data breach

A slow response to a data breach can mean even bigger problems for a company. Here are eight quick actions to take as soon as you find out your business has been hacked.

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5 ways to build your company’s defense against a data breach before it happens

Data breaches can be chaotic and stressful episodes. Learn the most effective actions you can take to help plan for these turbulent events.

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Art galleries defrauded by simple email scam

London dealers defrauded of “hundreds of thousands” through hacked email accounts

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A Study in Cyber Security: Why it’s Rarely ‘Elementary’ for the Modern-Day Sherlock Holmes

Any security analyst worth their salt must be capable of pulling Holmes–esque results out of the bag on a regular basis. However, it’s not so elementary to crack 21st Century crimes-in-the-making, when the only evidence you have is lines and lines of logs and codes.

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Computing Security Excellence Awards 2017 Shortlist Announced

Exabeam has been announced as a finalist in the “Security Event Management Award” category for the Security Excellence Awards 2017.

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French VAD Exclusive Networks posts double-digit H1 jump

Core vendor success at the heart of Paris-based VAD’s 19 per cent revenue growth in H1

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