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Protecting The Enterprise Network: A People-Centric Approach

Derek Lin, Chief Data Scientist at Exabeam explains why adopting a people-centric approach to network security can significantly reduce the risk of breaches The rising tide of cyber threats has placed the issue of network security in the spotlight. These days, protecting against insider and external threats has become a business imperative – one that has seen IT teams employ traffic flow monitoring and threat analysis tools in a bid to beef up network defences.

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UEBA: Finding the cyber security norm with data science & machine learning

As part of CBR’s Tech Express series, Editor Ellie Burns sits down with Barry Shteiman from Exabeam to find out about User and Entity Behaviour Analytics.

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User behaviour is the key to combatting evolving cyber threats

Derek Lin, Chief Data Scientist at Exabeam discusses the important role that user and entity behaviour analytics will play in the development of security solutions for today’s cyber threat landscape.

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Cloud security: The castle vs open-ended city model

With the cloud, borders blur – so how do organisations protect data, wherever it is? With cloud security, the boundary for the system stops being the edge of your physical network but the individuals who use it.

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Smart humans will use machine analytics to keep up with attacks

Security intelligence and management solutions company, Exabeam, that had launched its Security Intelligence platform and raised $30 million earlier this year, has been actively striking partnerships and working towards improving cybersecurity solutions for the last couple of months.

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Event Horizon, Not All Data is Created Equal

Data is starting to take on life and computer-based information is starting to become differentiated in ways that reflect the real world.

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A day in the life of a threat researcher

After leaving security intelligence platform provider Exabeam at the end of the workday, Ryan Benson’s mind doesn’t shut off when it comes to thinking about designing new defenses against black Hats. He heads to the gym to work out, still with his mind on security.

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5 ways to reduce insider security risks

Known (and trusted) insiders can pose an even bigger security threat than faceless hackers. Learn how to reduce associated risks.

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Exabeam and Crowdstrike Partner to Improve Cyber Security

Leaders in Behavioral Analytics and Endpoint Protection Provide Comprehensive Protection

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Risky Business podcast

Exabeam interviewed on the Risky Business podcast series

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