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Why Are Companies STILL Getting Breached?

You work in a SOC. You are sitting at your console and envisioning a different reality. You close your eyes and make a wish. It’s 2022, and the days of undetected intrusions and breaches are a thing of the past. You are confident that your security stack will automatically detect and respond to any attack against your environment. You open your eyes and realize this dream isn’t a reality.

It’s not even close. Every day across large and small companies, intrusions occur and breaches happen. If you are fortunate, you catch it early and don’t have to report it. Either way, you are living in a world where the attackers have the upper hand, and in many cases, are winning the cybersecurity game.

Read this white paper to find out why companies are STILL getting breached and how Exabeam can help you Seize the Breach.

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