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White Paper

Top 12 Use Cases for User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Deploy UEBA as a broad security intelligence platform.

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is one of the fastest-growing areas within enterprise security. Having spent billions on anti-malware, DLP, log management, and SIEM technologies, commercial and public organizations are finding that these investments are unable to detect modern attacks and provide limited efficiency gains within the SOC. As a result, organizations are evaluating UEBA as a means of making sense of the data within their massive log stores, across three broad categories: detect, prioritize and respond.

In evaluating a UEBA solution’s ability to detect, prioritize, and respond it is important to understand the full potential of data science-driven analytics. Organizations should ask their vendors if they can support the twelve use cases outlined in this white paper, and most importantly, demand that the vendor demonstrate this support within the POC or pilot.

Read the white paper and understand:

  • The broad categories of security operations that UEBA can affect
  • The use cases where UEBA is applied today
  • Evaluation criteria for each use case