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The New CISO Podcast Episode 7: Understanding the Adversary

Building a career in security can be a challenge, even for those of us who start off early. For some however, the job can be a natural progression from Her Majesty’s armed forces to helping secure the 2012 Olympics and ultimately becoming a CISO.

So how do you channel these unique experiences into something that will withstand the diverse threats organizations face today?

Mick Jenkins, Chief Information Security Officer at Brunel University & a former Counter Terrorism officer in the British Armed Forces speaks with Steve Moore about the ideological similarities between defending against terrorists versus cyber criminals, the benefits of mentorship throughout your career in security, and the re-emergence of Soviet era espionage techniques.

On this episode, Steve and Mick also talk about:

  • Transitioning from the military into cybersecurity
  • Understanding what motivates your adversary
  • The Kompromat Kill and,
  • Combating shady online information dealing

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