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The New CISO Podcast Episode 6: Contributing to the Cybersecurity Community

Not too long ago you’d be hard pressed to find cybersecurity communities to engage with, whereas today their ubiquity might be putting them at risk.

With so many – and often topical – security communities, how do we ensure the important issues take center stage; promote information sharing, avoid political problems and the sins of our past, all while nurturing young security talent for the future?

On this episode, Scott Morris, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at BlueCross BlueShield Western New York sits down to talk to Steve Moore about how to be active on cybersecurity communities. They talk about how to encourage young security professionals to find their voice, and the importance of sharing information as a means of strengthening the industry as a whole.

On this episode, Steve and Scott talk about:

  • Getting started in InfoSec
  • Tips for someone looking to become a CISO
  • Getting involved in more security communities
  • Our responsibilities as cybersecurity leaders
  • Growth among younger cybersecurity practitioners
  • How do you decide what information to share with the community
  • How Toastmasters can help grow your career
  • What has changed in the cybersecurity community in the last few years?
  • One thing we could get rid of in cybersecurity communities
  • Choosing your community
  • Measuring the success of a community

More About Scott Morris

Scott Morris is the Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer at BlueCross BlueShield Western New York, where he’s responsible for leading the Enterprise Information Assurance team, including information security, regulatory compliance and process assurance, and incident/problem management.

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