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The New CISO Podcast Episode 35: Translating Your Military Experience in Operationalizing Security to the Private Sector

On this episode, Steve speaks with Jeffery Schilling, Global CISO at TelePerformance.

The two talk about how Jeff’s time in the military gave him a cybersecurity leg-up in the private sector, the deficit of understanding and how it relates to operationalizing security, and why it’s so important for a CISO to build strong relationships with your CIO and audit team.

Transitioning from The Military to Civilian Life

When he left the military, Jeff did a 180 and decided not to work in government, which proved a more difficult path. He learned early on that the threat profile is very different in the civilian sector than it is for the military, as well as how that threat is discussed. One of the hardest parts of the transition was a lack of basic security knowledge or awareness in the civilian sector. In the military, everyone speaks that language, which translates well to the SOC.

Listen in as Steve and Jeff also tackle topics like:

  • The importance of strong relationships in general
  • The security environment in the cloud
  • How adversaries behave in the cloud

More about Jeffery Schilling

Jeff Schilling is the global CISO of TelePerformance, responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the cybersecurity function, risk management and global incident response. Jeff serves as the strategic advisor to the board of directors and C-Suite on all matters relating to cybersecurity policy, posture, readiness, investment and risk. Jeff is a retired US Army Colonel with 24 years of military experience in IT service management, product management, CIO roles, information security and global cyber operations. Jeff’s roles since retiring from military service include managing an international incident response practice and multiple CISO roles for global multi-tenant service provider companies.

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