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Start Your SOC Workflow with Exabeam Alert Triage

Available in both XDR and Fusion SIEM

Rapid changes in the threat landscape are forcing organizations to modernize their security operations. While focusing on Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) is a key component to designing your security solution, automation and risk-based triage is needed to stay ahead of attackers.

Exabeam incorporates automation and provides a workflow-based approach to TDIR. With Exabeam Alert Triage, you can quickly prioritize alerts to identify which pose the greatest risk to an organization and then decide which alerts to escalate for further review: a crucial first step in the TDIR process.

Watch this webinar to learn how Exabeam can transform your existing processes with Alert Triage. In this demo you will see:

  • The key features of Exabeam Alert Triage
  • How to triage alerts with Exabeam Alert Triage
  • A sample TDIR workflow from triaging to response


Cynthia Gonzalez
Senior Product Marketing Manager | Exabeam

Abel Morales
Senior Sales Engineer | Exabeam

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