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Spotlight User Conference

Exabeam Partners and Customers Share their Aha! Moments at Spotlight18

Spotlight User Conference

Our inaugural Spotlight18 conference brought together our valued customers and partners from across the globe for two days of learning and collaboration—serving as a catalyst for users to interact, network and share best practices.

In this highlights reel from the conference, hear from partners Sailpoint and Identropy, and customer QTS Data Centers, on the value they receive from Exabeam.

“…the ability to use out-of-the box capabilities to really discover what’s going on over the network… it’s going to help our customers deal with the security context they need to better suspend access privileges where appropriate.”

– Joe Gottlieb, SVP Corporate Development, Sailpoint

“The minute I fell in love with Exabeam was the minute I found out it could tell me what people were doing with the access they had.”

– Luis Almeida, VP Sales and Business Development, Identropy

"We were shocked to see how easily we were able to see geo-location data associated with VPN logins. This is the kind of visibility we did not have prior to looking at the Exabeam solution—and for us, it was a clear demonstration of value from Exabeam."

Andrew Wild
CISO, QTS Data Centers