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Overview of Exabeam’s SIEM & Security Analytics Product Innovations

Security operations teams are failing due to the limitations of legacy SIEM. The lack of innovation in the market relative to the growth of data, sophistication of attacks, and a shift to the cloud has created a SIEM effectiveness gap. Security teams are overwhelmed with data and lack the knowledge on what data to collect. On top of this, the sophistication of attacks is unprecedented and hard-to-detect credential-based attacks are multiplying.

Whether it’s phishing, ransomware, malware, bribery, or other external threat, valid credentials have emerged as the adversaries’ primary target. This demands a shift in investment from legacy on premises, rule-based detections to cloud-native SIEM platforms built on identifying abnormal behavior and automating the entire threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) workflow.

Security Operations success requires a new approach: Come hear about the new solutions from Exabeam.

Come learn about:

  • Rapid data ingestion from hundreds of third-party vendors with integrated threat intelligence
  • A cloud-native data lake with hyper quick query performance
  • Powerful behavioral analytics for next-level insights that other tools miss
  • How automation can change the way your analysts do their jobs.

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