M-21-31 Exabeam + Cribl - Exabeam

M-21-31 Exabeam + Cribl

Government agencies are tasked with achieving mature M-21-31 compliance by Aug. 27, 20231. Yet despite best efforts, as the deadline approaches many agencies are struggling to complete their maturity journeys due to technological challenges around legacy systems, the complexity of the requirements, resource allocation, and budget constraints as they continue to throttle progress.

Exabeam and Cribl provide a number of pre-built capabilities that make rapid deployment and EL3 attainment possible, including:

  • Augmenting existing SIEM technology
  • Masking and removing sensitive data
  • Ingesting endpoint data from any source to comply with endpoint detection and response (EDR) directives
  • Best-in-class user behavior monitoring and data reduction capabilities
  • Pre-built Cribl content packs for Exabeam, as well as Exabeam integrations with more than 549 third-party security tools