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See How We Protect Your Business From Insider Threats

While protecting your organization from external threats is critical, external threats may not pose the biggest risk to your business. The trusted employee or contractor that breaks bad can cause untold damage to your business, all while operating in plain sight. Your security stack often is oblivious to these actions, giving you a false sense of security while in reality the company jewels are pilfered.
To combat these insider threats you must baseline, monitor, and analyze behavior of users and assets around the clock, and react fast when something suspicious is identified.
Exabeam helps organizations around the world gain new insights into the inner workings of their environments, while simultaneously rooting out threats hiding in the open.

In this demo, we show you

  • How easy it is to maintain continuous risk visibility with Exabeam
  • The breadth of security, business, and IT products supported Exabeam
  • Learn a different approach to threat investigations
  • How automation built into Exabeam makes all the difference 

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