How to Investigate Insider Threats using Web Browser Forensics - Exabeam

How to Investigate Insider Threats using Web Browser Forensics

Insider threats take many forms, ranging across the spectrum from careless to malicious. Whether the threat is an employee stealing intellectual property or simply violating the company’s acceptable use policies, insider threats are a problem that will not go away.

Web browsers are the primary way that end users access a variety of popular applications, both business and personal. With the prevalence of HTTPS and other privacy measures, it is increasingly difficult for corporate security personnel to monitor employees’ web activities by looking at network traffic alone. Any deep-dive investigation will need to involve looking at browser artifacts on the endpoint and pulling every bit of information possible out of a user’s browsing history.

This webinar will:

  • Highlight artifacts created by Google Chrome
  • Illustrate how to examine multiple browser artifacts together to reconstruct user activities
  • Demonstrate how to investigate insider threat scenarios using an incident response platform

This presentation is intended for IT security professionals, forensic investigators or human resource officers.

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