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White Paper

Implementing PCI DSS Controls with UEBA

Improve the Security of Client Card Information while Improving Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a broadly-implemented set of security controls designed to improve the safety of payment card information. This solution brief describes how Exabeam helps organizations implement effective security controls that map to the PCI DSS.

The Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform collects and analyzes user and machine activity for unusual and risky behavior. This provides security and compliance personnel with a means to identify, track, and attest to activity that can put their organization at risk of data loss or non-compliance with regulations and internal policies. Download this solution brief to learn how the Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform, allows organizations that handle payment information to:

  • Detect and control all privileged, shared, and executive accounts
  • Ensure that users have access only to systems that are in line with their roles and policy, and that any violations will be detected immediately
  • Track and monitor all privileged, administrative, executive, and unusual access to sensitive systems such as databases, file shares, applications, and cloud/SaaS services
  • Uniquely identify all users, even if they attempt to obscure their identity via device or account switching
  • Analyze and identify all anomalous behavior, whether by privileged, regular, or machine accounts, and then alert and assist in Investigation of this activity