Case Study: Human Managed - Exabeam

Human Managed Partners with Exabeam to Help the Financial Industry Fight Increasingly Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

Use Case
Compromised Insider

Founded in 2018 with an analog footprint extending through Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and India, Human Managed is an intelligence company that drives decision making for cybersecurity, digital and risk scenarios.

Scenarios, Not Tools

The team at Human Managed is acutely aware of just how cyber attacks are evolving. The conversations they have with their customers, particularly those in finance, a sector heavily targeted during Covid-19, often revolves around visibility – benchmarking normal behavior and action – benchmarking response behavior.

“At Human Managed, we interpret data into intelligence for the essential services sectors such as financial institutions. It’s common knowledge that cyber attacks are sophisticated, targeted and frequent. Every day, organisations have to decide what are the threats they need to care about, which attacks to respond to and how to protect their most critical assets – based on the intelligence they have at a certain point in time,” says Karen Kim, CEO, Human Managed.

What the team also found was that in many cases, customers have many cybersecurity tools to detect specific threats or prevent certain attack triggers, but no capability to relate those data points together and to sense their position against specific cybersecurity scenarios, such as external and insider threats.

“Customers partner with us because they want to improve the way to extract critical information from their data sources to form clear intelligence they can take decisions from. We map out data points that are required for various cyber, risk and digital scenarios and enrich them with layers of analysis such as attacker behaviour patterns. Our intelligence solutions vary based on the problem at hand. For example, the data that will be interpreted for a ransomware scenario will not be the same as a fraud scenario,” says Kim.

Threat Intelligence Orchestration

When consulting with customers, the Human Managed team knows that a linear collection of multiple tools is not effective for protecting assets against threats and attacks, but rather a modular threat intelligence; where a customer can disseminate volumes of data, make sense of it themselves, and then come up with tangible action plans and processes going forward.

.“A lot of our customers’ threats come from their internal environment and they don’t really have an existing processes or systems to identify, comprehend and apply them on the fly. When it comes to cybersecurity and risk management today, what is missing for many enterprises large and small is ‘intelligence orchestration’,” says Kim.

It’s also important to Human Managed’s customers that the services they use drive specific outcomes and serve curated intelligence unique to their environment. Understanding how an incident could impact a particular business unit highlights the need for context, which makes a scenario-based solution crucial for Human Managed.

Why Exabeam?

Knowing what the market needs, the team at Human Managed set out to find a partner that could do security “from the inside out,” with a focus on insider threats and the ability to look at digital and physical log data and make sense of it. A traditional SIEM would not have done the job, so ultimately Exabeam was picked.

The ability to construct and reconstruct Smart Timelines gives businesses clear and unbiased insights into user behavior, establishes a standard of behavior and ultimately highlights anomalies.

“Exabeam is a really useful tool to enrich our platform with the full scope of what an event is and what the context would be. It helps not only to detect what’s going on, but then help us to predict what may happen in the future,” says Kim.

Additionally, the ability for a new tool to augment existing cybersecurity technology without the need for a bloated security team is something Karen’s team looked for, both to meet the growing skills shortage and maintain a nimble team.

Responsible Decision Making with Intelligence

With Exabeam, the Human Managed team expects to gain greater visibility across the board, with the ability to tie certain behaviors to personas and automating that process to serve essential, important and interesting intelligence on demand. The time it would take to carry out investigations is also something they will be looking out for as well as driving towards their customers’ benchmarks.

“Being able to tie the bottom layer data logs into the high level to specify tools, tactics and techniques to attacks and campaigns are critical for our cyber scenarios. But this goes much beyond cybersecurity. What could seem like an isolated cybersecurity intelligence could be applied to inform risk and digital decisions as well. The contextual attribution between seemingly unrelated data is what excites us the most and what we truly believe will lead to more responsible decision making,” says Kim.


It’s a really useful tool to give us the full scope of what an event is and what the context would be so that it helps not only to detect what’s going on, but then help us to predict what may happen in the future.

Karen Kim

CEO, Human Managed