Exabeam Case Study - Hensel Phelps

Hensel Phelps increases visibility and reduces response time with Exabeam

Hensel Phelps Increases Visibility and Reduces Response Time With Exabeam


As a major construction firm, the challenges one of the major challenges Hensel Phelps faced was that they didn’t have the necessary visibility across their entire security landscape, which would help them to make intelligent cybersecurity decisions. They also didn’t have the behavioral analytics to help them pinpoint indications of compromise. This meant that the security team couldn’t detect when people were moving laterally throughout their environment, making it difficult to spot anomalous behavior or activity.


One of the tangible results that Hensel Phelps has seen is that, where they used to labor through a lot of account lock-outs without always being able to detect where they were coming from, now they have the visibility into exactly where the users were getting locked out. Exabeam has reduced their overall response time because their team doesn’t have as many portals to check, to look at different information and tie all that back together. This has allowed the security team to track down events, and action remedies much faster.


Exabeam has taken all of the Hensel Phelps team’s security feeds, combined them into one single pane of glass and given them a bird’s eye view of their security systems, effecting greater overall security intelligence.

"Exabeam has really reduced our response time because we don't have as many portals to go to, to look at different information and tie all that back together."

Dustin Morris
Cybersecurity Manager, Hensel Phelps