Fusion SIEM Training for Security Analysts - Exabeam

Fusion SIEM Training for Security Analysts

In this five-day virtual instructor–led course, you will learn how to increase the velocity of investigative tasks and improve security workflows with the help of Exabeam Fusion SIEM and the Exabeam Security Operations (SecOps) Platform. Learn the basics of Fusion SIEM and how to leverage Exabeam to accelerate daily tasks. Gain practice performing triage, investigation, detection, threat hunting, and incident response.

You will also learn how to streamline workflows and increase productivity with the help of Exabeam Case Management and Exabeam Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response Use Case Packages. Find out how to execute advanced searches and create reports and visualizations in Exabeam Data Lake. With an in-depth understanding of Fusion SIEM, you will have increased visibility, improved operational efficiency, and greater awareness of security outcomes for your organization.

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