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Four Steps to Migrate from Splunk to Exabeam

Is your organization experiencing rising costs and productivity challenges with Splunk? Are you struggling with the ever-increasing volume of security and IT system logs and the need to monitor IoT devices? If so, it may be time to consider migrating from Splunk to Exabeam.

Our four-step migration process ensures a smooth transition with benefits that include:

  • Lower costs — With Exabeam, you can reduce the total cost of ownership of your SIEM. We provide affordable and efficient compliance retention with fast and easy search capabilities.
  • Behavioral analytics — Exabeam can enhance your ability to distinguish normal from abnormal behavior, so you can stay ahead of potential threats.
  • Enhanced automation — Exabeam eliminates manual investigation and remediation, automating the entire TDIR workflow.
  • Purpose-built for security — Unlike Splunk, Exabeam was built by security people for security people. We are the pioneers of UEBA and one of the world’s most successful standalone companies.

Don’t settle for a tool that wasn’t designed for security. Let us help you detect the undetectable. Download our migration guide today!

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