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Exabeam Expert as a Service Offering

Finding skilled information security resources can feel like an impossible mission for many organizations. With such a unique skill set, these experts are in high demand. This situation leaves many organizations with understaffed security operations centers (SOCs), relying on their limited in-house security expertise to deploy, maintain, and use complex security stacks. The result? Organizations are vulnerable, dependent upon the few expert employees on their team.

These risks lead many Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to explore different options to mitigate the risk and manage the lack of resources within their SOC. For example, outsourcing their SOC operations to a managed security service provider (MSSP) could seem optimal without adding additional staff.

While this option may offer flexibility, the cost and complexity of changing current contracts can make this shift a nightmare. Thankfully, Exabeam’s Expert as a Service (EaaS) is an alternative solution that provides help when and where you need it most — without the hassle. With Exabeam EaaS, you can leverage our deep cybersecurity expertise without adding permanent, hardExabeam Expert as a Service Offering Cybersecurity expertise when and where you need it to-find resources to your team. Exabeam EaaS resources not only optimize the deployment of the Exabeam security solution, but ensure your in-house security team can deliver the consistent security outcomes your business demands. Exabeam EaaS is the game changer your SOC needs to stay ahead of the attackers and maximize the value of your security stack.