E*TRADE Shares “Why Exabeam” at Interchange Atlanta

Seventy-five security practitioners from over 35 organizations attended Exabeam’s Interchange user group event in Atlanta to get the latest updates on Exabeam products, learn about new use cases, and network with peers.

Advanced Analytics and SOC Automation

Attendee Leroy Ranel, Cyber Threat Defense Center manager at E*TRADE, knew that most SIEMs today have capacity issues when it comes to ingesting logs—and more logs cost more money. He was looking for a solution that could perform analytics across a huge swath of data and had heard of Exabeam. He came to Interchange to learn more.

He sees the industry shifting to a more user behavior, SOC-driven focus. He concluded that he expected to be able to correlate more amounts of data and better detect abnormal behavior with Exabeam versus his existing environment.

“I would expect Exabeam to take us to that next step, where it frees up analysts from looking at correlated rules built by engineers, and move towards machine-learning AI event response.”

Leroy Ranel
Manager, Cyber Threat Defense Center

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