Enhancing SOC Capacity by Combining Cisco and Exabeam - Exabeam

Enhancing SOC Capacity by Combining Cisco and Exabeam

Data scientists are in high demand, but there aren’t enough of them. The struggle for skilled security professionals to pull insights and analyze dense data to correctly detect and then effectively respond to threats, cannot wait until there is more talent in the pool, especially when threats are increasing and attackers are so highly motivated.

Threat detection is an inherently difficult practice due to cunning adversaries and evolving attack methods. Instead of taking a reactive approach, companies can use global security telemetry to identify threats in the wild before they arrive howling at the gates.

Exabeam leverages Cisco’s open nature to integrate with Threat Grid, ISE, Umbrella and upcoming AMP for Endpoints. Through integrated processing of malware and enumeration of new Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), organizations can proactively collect IOCs and feed these into detection systems. Furthermore, automated collection and aggregation of malware data can provide context that streamlines security event analysis.

This brief, technical webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Unifying Cisco Security Elements
  • Automating Malware Response
  • Security Investigation & Containment

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