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The New CISO Podcast Episode 9: Digital Trust for Digital Transformation

On this episode, Box CISO, Lakshmi Hanspal talks about how she has reshaped the way her organization sees her team; from a security office into a “trust office” and runs through the core pillars that make up her role as CISO

As a CISO, experience in a broad range of business functions incorporating security often paves the way for future career growth and with an evolving cybersecurity industry, opportunities arise for some CISOs to reshape the way their organization sees them; from a security office into a “trust office.”

The basic pillars of being a global CISO

The CISO’s role often encompasses a host of responsibilities, including: security, which is, operations, corporate, product, customer, production, and automation.

It also includes compliance, undergoing audits and certifications throughout each year. For these pillars to hold strong, you need to maintain trust between platforms, products, and customers. Quality management, data protection, privacy principles, customer advocacy and risk and assurance make up the rest of the CISO puzzle.

Listen as Lakshmi and Steve discuss topics like:

  • Empathy in the professional realm
  • What is the trust office?
  • Recognizing red flags
  • Zero touch defined
  • Understanding the risks security teams face in the cloud era

More About Lakshmi Hanspal

Lakshmi Hanspal is the Global CISO at Box, joining the company in January of 2019. In this senior leadership role, she’s responsible for corporate, physical and cybersecurity of Box’s footprint, including data protection and privacy. Prior to joining Box, Lakshmi was the CISO for SAP Ariba and has held senior positions across Paypal and Bank of America, among other companies. Her career spans across 23+ years in information security, risk management and privacy, with 16+ years in the financial and payments space.

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