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The New CISO Podcast Episode 29: Why the “Shiny New Thing” in Cybersecurity Isn’t Necessarily the Best Solution

On this episode, Steve and Newmont Corporation CISO, Chris Ard, talk about the benefits to your career when the role you are in has a tangible human impact and how chasing the next new cybersecurity tool might not be as effective as a cybersecurity posture that’s tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Work/life balance

Having spent 20 years at Microsoft, and being totally in love with his job, Chris realized he barely spent any time at home, and when he did, he was always on calls. Chris and Steve go on to talk about how easy it can be to settle into a role that you enjoy, but then end up remaining in your comfort zone; and how a new position can reinvigorate professional growth.

Steve and Chris also talk about:

  • Good talent, bad breaches
  • The M&M security Model
  • Bad actor residency
  • Who takes ownership of data breaches
  • Pentesting and compliance, and
  • The CISO’s role in a board meeting

More about Chris Ard

Chris Ard is the head of the cybersecurity group at Newmont Corporation where he started in September of 2019. Prior to this he spent 20 years at Microsoft in various Security roles that included Forensic training, Incident Response and Proactive Security deliveries. He helped build and define the initial customer facing Incident Response practice. This allowed him to participate in and assist Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations as they dealt with significant breaches, including many that were disclosed publicly. Before moving to Newmont he spent 2 years as the Director of Incident Response.

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