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The New CISO Podcast Episode 20: Strategies for Securing A Remote Workforce

On this episode, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic CISO Martin Littmann and Steve talk about remote working; and cybersecurity strategies for a sudden shift to where your entire organization finds itself working from home.

Working within dispersed teams is often part and parcel of a CISOs job; but what happens when unforeseen conditions cause an exceptionally fast shift, where an entire organization finds itself working from home?

Working remotely in uncertain times

In the healthcare industry, administrative positions, including support positions can safely work from home, but as with all shifts, there are bound to be concerns. Insider threats can be large or small, something as simple as the employees not getting the work done from home to something larger like medical information being released to the wrong people which is a direct HIPAA violation. Pushing it even further, what if that information was sold for profit by an employee.

Listen as Steve and Martin discuss the challenges brought on by this kind of shift, as well as:

  • Building up to a position of power
  • Rethinking what technology can do for you
  • Remote work In uncertain times

More About Martin Littmann

Martin Littmann is the CTO & CISO for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, responsible for IT Architecture & Strategy, Infrastructure, Network and Information Security. Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology and began his career as a geothermal exploration geologist, later transitioning into IT development and architecture, accumulating 30 years of experience spanning across the IT spectrum, including application development and delivery, infrastructure, information security, and customer service. Over the last 19 years he’s been heavily focused on Critical Infrastructure and Information and Cybersecurity and he currently serves as the Healthcare Cross Sector Chief for the Houston InfraGard chapter.

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