The New CISO Podcast Episode 54: Growing Your Confidence as a Young Leader - Exabeam

The New CISO Podcast Episode 54: Growing Your Confidence as a Young Leader

On this episode, Steve speaks with Michael St. Vincent, CISO at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, about helping the next wave of CISOs by sharing real-life learning scenarios, the culture of “always having the answer” and three tenets essential to his leadership approach: confidence, coaching and kindness.

Admitting that You Don’t Know

Why has it become so difficult to say “I don’t know?” Has there been a cultural shift towards always having the answer and does confidence come into play here? Asking for help is okay, and there will be many people willing to help you out. Admitting we have limits can be challenging, but answering with “I don’t know, let’s find out” is a great way to change your team dynamic.

Steve and Michael also talk about:

  • Networking opportunities to take advantage of
  • Tips for the hiring process, on both sides of the coin
  • 360 Review: Confidence vs arrogance
  • Relational confidence
  • Giving credit where it’s due and,
  • Taking on too much as a leader

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More about Michael St. Vincent

Michael St. Vincent is Chief Information Security Officer at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas supporting the overall IT governance program for the luxury casino and resort. Michael joined The Cosmopolitan in May 2015, spearheading initiatives such as information security strategy and direction, implementation of security policies and standards, and shaping the use of tools and processes for compliance, while working across the business spectrum to ensure appropriate controls of technology support. With more than two decades of experience as a leader within his field, Michael’s expertise comes from developing, implementing, and leading information assurance programs in multiple industries. Having led projects in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, he has an awareness of the limitations and advantages of various cultural settings, risk profiles and management styles. 

Recognized as an ISSA Fellow and an InfraGard National Award recipient, his passion for developing security mindsets has included developing local professional associations, collaborating on industry research, and presenting at professional conferences. He has served on the SANS GCIA Advisory Board, Microsoft’s CSO Council, various Security Advisory Boards, and local information security groups, providing support to encourage a stronger profession. In his personal time, he focuses on supporting youth development programs locally, nationally and internationally including community service and leadership development activities.

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