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8 Key Functions to Prevent Data Loss with User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Discover the eight key user and entity behavior analytics functions that can prevent data loss.

As organizations continue to rely on digital technologies to store and share sensitive information, the threat of data loss has become a major concern. Traditional Data Loss Protection (DLP) solutions can be effective at fingerprinting and identifying sensitive information, but they often lack the context required to evaluate user behavior and can suffer from false positives.

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can provide the missing context, by focusing on the user handling the data, rather than just the data itself. By combining DLP and UEBA, organizations can improve their analysis of the interaction between users and sensitive data, and prevent data loss in eight key use cases.

By reading this white paper, you will learn how UEBA can help you:

  • Connect the behavioral dots across all a user’s accounts, devices, and IP addresses, over time
  • Provide instant insight into risk and eliminate the noise that often accompanies DLP technologies
  • Prevent data loss across eight use cases with or without a third-party DLP product in place

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