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Detecting Compromised User Credentials

Apply UEBA to detect malicious use of legitimate user credentials.

Despite increased security budgets and expanding teams, exponentially larger data breaches continue to happen. Most of the biggest breaches have involved credential-based attacks — attackers leveraging stolen user credentials to masquerade as employees, gain access, escalate privileges, and obtain important data that should only be available to those with the highest level of access.

Many companies have turned to big data solutions — often bolted onto a SIEM — to collect and analyze the plethora of data generated within their environment. While capturing and analyzing data is important, much of it doesn’t help identify attackers who look like legitimate users. Detection of attackers who have obtained authorized credentials requires a new mindset: the attacker is already inside.

Read the white paper and learn:

  • How a system that learns credential behaviors and characteristics detects attackers who look like legitimate employees going about their normal business 
  • How to find attackers that switch identities
  • Where credentials enable attack chain functions
  • How UEBA helps cut through the noise of alerts to quickly identify and mitigate real threats

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