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Welcome to Exabeam!

January 23, 2015


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Welcome to the first Exabeam blog post:

You may be asking, “Why is this a big deal? Most websites have a blog section.”

Hold it, not so fast; ours didn’t. But rather than create another generic cyber-security blog, we wanted to give readers the opportunity to open a channel of communication with a bunch of very smart people from the SIEM, log management, and cybersecurity professions. We understand the serious problems businesses face from attackers who use sophisticated techniques get past initial defenses and move along the attack chain using valid stolen user credentials to ‘live’ inside corporate IT networks looking for the right data to steal. And we’re here to answer your pressing cybersecurity questions and educate the industry on best practices to help IT security teams spotlight intruders before a data breach takes hold.

Not only did we launch a blog, we rebuilt the entire website. Now a good portion of the product is exposed for all to see. Have a look at the Product and Technology pages, which will give you a bit of insight into user behavior intelligence, the Exabeam product and the underlying technology.

We also wanted to make sure you knew why we built the product in the first place, so head to the new Why Exabeam section for some compelling information. You’ll also understand why a user behavior intelligence solution needs Stateful User Tracking™ to follow attackers as they switch identities and IP addresses. Finally, we wanted to make sure you could get at any collateral you may need for later reference. Below you’ll find a link to a new white paper.

In addition to reviewing the website, I can recommend a couple of other activities:

  • Check out this video if you need to convince someone about the importance of user behavior monitoring.
  • A new white paper is available for download that talks about user behavior intelligence as the best strategy for finding attackers that get past traditional security defenses.
  • Subscribe for updates to the blog. We promise a very active blog with content highlighting Exabeam customer success stories and tracking data breaches that bypass initial defenses.

Our goal in 2015 and beyond is to start pushing back on attackers by making stolen user credentials less valuable as a means to steathfully steal valuable information. Thanks in advance for having a look at the Exabeam solution.


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