top 12 Security Podcasts For Your Playlist

12 Cybersecurity Podcasts For Your Playlist

January 21, 2020


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If you are in security, podcasts are a great opportunity to learn from peers, gain knowledge and hear the latest on incidents. But weeding through the many podcasts in the app store can feel overwhelming. We’ve narrowed it down for you by choosing our favorites to help you find a podcast that deserves a place on your playlist.

Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is an amalgam of information and entertainment. You’ll get true stories about hackers, breaches, APTs, hacktivism, and more. The suspense-style storytelling will appeal to the casual listener interested in security, but security analysts benefit the most from the information provided.

Cybersecurity Interviews

CISOs and other IT leaders will love the information tailored for them in Cybersecurity Interviews. This podcast features interviews with influencers and thought leaders within the security industry. Many of the episodes focus on profiling the interview subjects, but those subjects also offer insights into where the industry is headed.

The CyberWire

If your goal is to keep up with the latest news in cybersecurity, The CyberWire is a great choice. For IT leaders, a quick listen could be everything you need to keep up with the latest trends and security news.

Risky Business

Risky Business combines the styles of news and interview-style podcasts, issuing a 50- to 60-minute digest on everything important in the security industry. Analysts can keep up with the latest threats and leaders can get the news they need to manage operations.

SANS Stormcast

If you’re short on time, subscribe to the SANS Stormcast podcast. Every day, producers put together short, 5- to 10-minute updates on the latest security threats that security analysts can consume before work.

Cyber Hub Engage

Another great podcast for CISOs and IT directors is Cyber Hub Engage. This daily podcast features the latest news, along with a Saturday episode featuring interviews with some of the best minds in cybersecurity today.

Paul’s Security Weekly

If you’re looking for a more casual discussion, Paul’s Security Weekly brings a team of security experts together to drink beer and discuss the latest security headlines and threats. The laid back show is a hit with analysts for its technical deep dives.

Security Now!

Leo Laporte known for his rock star status in the tech community hosts Security Now! with Steve Gibson, founder of Gibson Research Corporation. Together, they discuss security issues that are relevant on a personal level. Everyone can benefit from a listen, but IT leaders will find it’s useful in keeping end users updated on what they can do individually to protect the network.

The New CISO

Hosted by Exabeam chief security strategist Steve Moore, The New CISO is specifically for the modern chief information security officer. Moore frankly discusses with his guests topics that span cybersecurity trends, issues facing security leaders, how they guide their organizations and what it truly means to be a modern CISO.

Security Ledger

The Security Ledger is a go-to resource for cybersecurity news and opinion. The Security Ledger podcast features editor-in-chief Paul Roberts discussing cybersecurity issues with industry leaders. This podcast is geared toward IT leadership more than analysts, although as one of the top information security podcasts, it’s useful to anyone in the security field.

Down the Security Rabbithole

Down the Security Rabbithole discusses cybersecurity from a business perspective, which means security leaders will be well informed as they advise their end users. It’s a podcast security professionals can learn from, as well as recommend to non-tech friends interested in personal cybersecurity.


Security professionals are already well acquainted with Motherboard, VICE’s tech publication. Each week on CYBER, host Ben Makuch interviews Motherboard reporters about the biggest headlines in cybersecurity. Analysts can listen to this podcast to stay up to date on the latest issues that they should be monitoring.

If you’re a podcast listener, you’re in good company. More than half of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast, and that number has increased by 7 percent since 2018. For no cost, you can fit a podcast into your schedule while learning and being entertained.

Sample an episode or two from the podcasts on this list and subscribe to those that best fit your own personal and professional interests.


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