2015 was an exciting ride for Exabeam.  For 2016, we are to scale for growth.  I am both happy and concerned about the thought.  I am happy because folks at Exabeam, from the top to bottom, and among data science, security, and platform engineering, are fully aligned.  This is critical for our company success.  I don’t take this for granted as in my past consulting years, I saw many interesting data analytics efforts fall or stall due to non-alignment among teams.  Even today in our dealing with potential clients, we continue to see places where data scientists are not aligned with security analysts, or vice versa.

Another concern of mine as we are poised for growth is hiring.   Difficulty in hiring data talent has been chronic in recent years and will probably be the same this year.  (If you know good people, send them along!)

I was asked to pen an article on my perspective of big data challenges in general for 2016.  I elaborate on the above in the following article:


Chief Data Scientist

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