One of the strengths of Exabeam is how quickly customers are able to see value after racking the appliance. We’ve found that it’s possible to get very strong signals of stolen credentials and insider threats using very common access data, such as the VPN and domain controller logs the customers already collect. The availability of this data and the elegance of our UI gets you to value very quickly.

After this stage, many customers begin considering how to extend Exabeam to include new types of data, new rules and models, and new use cases. Starting today, you’ll hear more from us about how to do this. We are happy to announce our 3D Technology Alliance Program, the first in the user behavior analytics industry. 3D has two meanings. First, it refers to the three layers of platform extension. You can extend Exabeam at the data integration (include data beyond logs), data analytics (include new rules, risk scoring, and data science models), and data applications (new use cases and associated UI) areas. Second, it also refers to the ability to see risk in more dimensions, i.e. it “pops” off the page. We believe that integrating security data to and from our partners’ solutions will provide new levels of visibility and intelligence.

The program launches with many partners, and five in particular are called out in the announcement. These include leaders in market segments closely related to Exabeam, such as cloud access control, privileged user management, endpoint analytics, and endpoint control. We are proud to launch with Bit9+Carbon Black, Centrify, Dtex Systems, Situational, and Skyhigh Networks, all leaders in their markets and firms that offer very complementary security solutions to Exabeam and each other.

Partners who wish to join the 3D Technology Alliances Program can send an email to for more info.

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