The Exabeam and Snowflake Partnership

The Exabeam and Snowflake Partnership: Customers Benefit When Cloud Convenience and Security Converge

January 28, 2021


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Data is the lifeblood of business, yet many organizations find themselves struggling to store and protect their most sensitive information. Enterprises can swiftly become overwhelmed by the challenges of housing, accessing and safeguarding mass amounts of business-critical data. Omer Singer, head of cybersecurity strategy at Snowflake, explains, “Security data continues to grow in size and complexity, and a fragmented architecture keeps many organizations struggling to mobilize it for protecting the enterprise.” 

As businesses work on digitizing operations and better managing data, now’s the time for all organizations to ask some tough questions. Is your business positioned to take full advantage of the many benefits the cloud provides? More importantly, if your data is already in the cloud, are you prepared to ensure its safety from the numerous internal and external threats in today’s cyber world? 

If you’re fortunate, you’ve found a cloud provider like Snowflake to house your data, and you’re engaging a security solution like Exabeam Security Management Platform (SMP) to provide protection. That’s well and good, but here’s the best news—Exabeam, the security analytics and automation company, and Snowflake, the creator of the Data Cloud, recently announced their strategic partnership where Snowflake’s data lakes will be augmented with Exabeam’s security analytics and automation. Yup, that’s right — you can now have cloud storage teamed with fast, effective threat detection and response in one convenient package.  

A new landscape

You don’t need to look hard to see the drastic changes 2020 brought to the business landscape. Remote workforces are the new normal, and securing sensitive data is more challenging than ever. Remote work dramatically increases the number of attack surfaces and complicates defenses, creating more opportunities for successful phishing and malware attacks. 

Traditional perimeter defenses have become obsolete in this new age of dispersed workers. Business is booming for malicious threat actors due to a perfect storm created when workforces became mobile. Employees now log into corporate networks on personal devices from unsecured networks, carelessly combining business and personal activity on company machines. Employees download numerous applications to meet the new demands of virtual interaction, and systems often aren’t monitored and patched with the necessary diligence. Usually, the intention is to increase convenience and productivity, but unfortunately, many of these behaviors are risky and expose sensitive company data to numerous environmental threats.   

This new remote work landscape undoubtedly creates many challenges — but with challenge comes opportunity. The shift to remote work accelerates the already growing need for cloud services, automation-driven productivity, and improved security. 

A partnership that makes sense

In light of the new business landscape, the partnership between Exabeam and Snowflake is a timely union. Organizations can now easily migrate data and security to the cloud using Snowflake Data Cloud and Exabeam SMP. Using analytics and automation across storage and workflows to boost security is an idea whose time is now as enterprises race to digitize while protecting sensitive data. Adam Geller, chief product officer at Exabeam, elaborates, “With demand for cloud technology surging amid the shift to remote working, we proudly welcome Snowflake to our partner network. Using the combination of Exabeam Cloud Connector for Snowflake with our Advanced Analytics, joint customers can easily apply intelligence and automation capabilities to their data stored within Snowflake’s platform.”

Melding analytics and automation into security to safeguard cloud data today just makes sense. It allows teams to rapidly detect, identify, and respond to threats far quicker than traditional practices. It’s an idea whose timing is perfect with a process that’s simple yet extremely effective. Exabeam Cloud Connector for Snowflake starts by quickly ingesting stored data. The SMP then performs continuous, real-time mapping of cloud data logs, attributing all activity to users or devices. This attribution, combined with added data and context, provides visibility into abnormal activity, identifying malicious insiders or attacks involving compromised credentials. 

Benefit to the customer

Combining Exabeam Security Management Platform with Snowflake Data Cloud results in cloud storage convenience with heightened security. This partnership allows organizations to rapidly identify, investigate and respond to risk across their ecosystem fueled by the power of analytics and automation. It also furthers a mission, as Chris Stewart, senior director, business development for Exabeam explains, “This partnership advances our mission to assist security operations teams in quickly detecting, investigating and responding to incidents throughout the enterprise.”

Security teams also benefit from using Exabeam to detect any nefarious administrator account activity within the Snowflake platform, providing not only security with Snowflake as the security data lake, but also security for Snowflake.

Organizations can now enjoy the cloud’s convenience with the peace of mind resulting from a strengthened security posture with Exabeam backed by the power of Snowflake’s cloud-native data platform. Read the press release here.


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