Exabeam News Wrap-up – Week of July 18, 2022 - Exabeam

Exabeam News Wrap-up – Week of July 18, 2022

July 26, 2022


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Exabeam certified as a Most Loved Workplace

We’re proud to announce that Exabeam has been certified as a Most Loved Workplace®!

This designation is based on our dedication to fostering a multicultural, multinational team where individuals can share their diverse perspectives in an open and supportive environment.

Meet Bryan Alvarez, Exabeam’s 2021 Cybersecurity Scholarship winner and 2022 summer intern

Check out this recap of today’s LinkedIn Live with Exabeam Social Media & Comms Specialist Moude Osei Owusu & Software Engineering Intern and winner of our 2021 Cybersecurity Scholarship Bryan Alvarez. Hear the strategies Bryan took to win our scholarship, what a day as an intern is like, and what he thinks of the cybersecurity industry so far. 

Can your organization see an insider threat coming?

We all know that insider threats can compromise the security posture of any company. This week in Security Magazine, Exabeam CISO Tyler Farrar discusses the scale of the insider threat problem, telltale behaviors that lead to insider threat incidents, and how to defend against the unseen enemy on the inside. 

The consequences of sophisticated AI and ML-based attacks

With adversaries getting increasingly more sophisticated, a lot of security teams are asking: Could hackers start using AI and machine learning technologies against organizations? Tyler Farrar answered the question in the latest from Cybersecurity Insiders. 

The costs of ignoring third-party cybersecurity — and the benefits of behavioral analytics for enterprises

Organizations have to keep an eye on third-party network access — or risk paying the price. In the latest from IndustryWeek, Tyler Farrar discusses how establishing a baseline of normal behavior can protect enterprises from third-party breaches:

Stay tuned for the next issue of the Exabeam News Wrap-up!

Listen to The New CISO Podcast

The New CISO is a podcast hosted by Exabeam Chief Security Strategist, Steve Moore. A former IT security leader himself, Steve sits down with Chief Information Security Officers to get their take on cybersecurity trends, what it takes to lead security teams and how things are changing in today’s world.

What career path is best? When is a data breach over? How do you manage limited IT budgets for maximum ROI? Informative and educational, The New CISO answers your burning cybersecurity questions. Whether you’re a current or aspiring CISO, The New CISO provides practical advice, guidance, and lessons learned from peers.

Check out all the episodes and listen now!

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